2. heynequa:

    October is tomorrow.

    why the fuck is Darren Wilson still not arrested?

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  3. Beverly Peele, Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1991

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  5. yeahmicah:

    Right now.

    Go and tell a person you love that you love them.

    Talk, call, text, email, Skype, facetime, Snap, kik, however you need to do it, let that person know right now.

    Hug them, kiss them, high-five them.

    LOVE THEM. Show them that you love them.

    Right now.

    You don’t know if you’ll see them tomorrow.

    Don’t wait. GO.

    Right now.

    Haha NOPE!

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  7. statueofthotness:

    A new rule of thumb for casting directors, if your show has 25-30 models in it and you can count the number of models of color on one hand, then you have a problematic and noninclusive cast, if your show has 35-75 models and you can count the number of models of color on two hands, then you have a problematic and noninclusive cast.

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  9. Damn. Reading journal (I guess?) entries from the past few months and realizing that my mind has been clear as fuck since about May.

    I’m sitting here with my arms folded, one hand over my mouth wondering how I ethered MYSELF.

    My understanding of my own thoughts and feelings is unerringly sharp. My gut is 100% accurate. I’ve been picking up lessons from the suckiest situations, and I’ve been spending less energy than ever on assuming others’ choices have any bearing on my value as a person.

    This is the most unbothered and confident in my own judgement I have ever been. It’s still developing, but it IS developing. I’m notorious for being thee most bothered and the MOST dependent on permission and validation from other people. I generally don’t move unless someone gives me the OK. I’m not, like, a renegade now. But I’m slowly and honestly realizing that my opinion of me and what I do matters most. (This is a revelation for me. Obstinate as I am, I’m an ardent people pleaser.)

    When I see my therapist tonight I’m gonna make it rain on her.


  10. bsays:

    I write obsessively in my phone’s notebook. If something’s bothering me, hurting me, if a phrase is stuck in my craw or I want to work out my feelings, I write them out. It’s the only way I’ve survived some of my awfully long commutes, and it saves me a lot of time with my therapist.

    I have notes…

    This is also from 4 months ago. I didn’t realize how on I was. This has become only more true even in just the past few months.


  11. bsays:

    I am supposed to be writing.

    I am reminded of this fact almost daily, by someone or other— close friends, sometimes family, even acquaintances who don’t know I ever had any interest in it. Oddly enough my father actually bothers me about it the most. He wishes I wrote for a living, and tells me…

    From 4 months ago. Relevant as ever the fuck.


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  13. I’m over my guy friends planning boy-only meat cooking activities knowing good and goddamn well don’t nobody in this world care more about meat than I do. I’m also the prettiest out of all of us.

    Like I haven’t been gifted a steak dinner for every graduation of my life since elementary school!

    beardchutney you and your mans gonna miss my bag salad

    And this would be a poor time to bust out your protein joke FYI


    1. cashier: do you want the receipt?
    2. me: yas bitch tell me everything
  14. November 2014

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