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    Model Pat Evans appeared in many major magazines, including EssenceVogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Evans began modeling when she was 17 and continued doing so well into her 30s. She opened Pat Evans Models in 1980 and ran it for 18 years. She also worked as a makeup artist and stylist.

    Pat Evans is also recognized as the model on numerous Ohio Players album covers.

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    Look at Naomi’s cheekbones. She’s the #1 beauty ever

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    Kiran Rao

    Wait but this is everything I ever needed

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    kim cattrall shot by harry langdon, 1979

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    Post racial Amerikkka

    I’m so disgusted.

    Are we not fucking human beings? Like can we even have that? JESUS.

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  8. "I can’t believe my good fortune. I’m so grateful to be a Black woman. I would be so jealous if I were anything else."
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    7……… grams in the blunt…..

    almost drownt in Tha pussie so I swam to her butt

    This song is a classic

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  13. You know that feeling where you get in the house and you realize you won’t leave it again, even when you thought you would

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    I can’t!!!!!!

    Wait Eva looks amazing

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