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    Lol tbvh!

    Lmao me

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  2. Paul Newman during the filming of “Paris Blues” (1961)


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  3. "I am just carbon and bad timing."
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    don’t change

    See I’m not cute and carefree like this! This outfit is so adorable!!!

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    Karo Akpokiere
    Double Your Blessings, 2013

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    she is just beautiful!

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  8. LOOK! AT! GOD!

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    She just stared for the longest time.

    OMG…I love this. This is important.

    v important! representation matters more than words can express

    but this picture about sums it up :)

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    oh damn. what’s the model on the first bike? ALSO HOLY SHIT SPIRAL CURL FRO


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    "This is my first cabbage! You know, a lot of times they’re kind of soft, but this one is sold! It’s going to be good eatin’!" 
    "What are you going to make with it?"
    "Well, this one I’m giving to my parents. You have to give the first one away or you just spoil the whole spirit of gardening."

    This is the most victorious photo of cabbage ever captured.

    YESSSSSSSS MA’AMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TRYNA GET LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    This is so me!

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  12. I miss aglitteryreign I was watching Lego Movie and went to text him about how fine Chris Pratt is and I remembered Keith is in Europe :( but also :D

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    Me and my friends used to sing this at recess.

    The boy who taught me this in 5th grade actually ended up going to Howard, being on straight ho shit for like 5 years (he wasn’t cute but played football and was a boy at an HBCU, so) and now is engaged and got very publicly saved (after he didn’t make a pro team) and now he only posts bible quotes and pictures of his text messages to his fiancé on IG

    Life comes at you fast.

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    If you feel like you about to hate stop yourself and drink a glass of water and check your credit score and also check if your house is clean and if you achieved anything of importance today