1. Solange - Alexander Wang X H&M launch (10.16.14)

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    Queen Bey and Queen Nicki


    This is very deep to me lmao

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    For every “do you hate white people?” I see in inboxes.

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    Bernice Bing (1936 - 1998)

    A San Francisco native, Chinese American, artist, lesbian, community activist—Bernice Bing, was a bridge between many worlds. She came of age during the Beat era and entered the San Francisco arts landscape in the 1960s with her paintings, which synthesize abstract modernist painting with Chinese calligraphy.

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    one step closer to becoming fat beyonce? crop top available here.

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    my husband

    Smh I would date this

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    i love saint laurent by hedi slimane

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    Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries (CW) || Jasmine Braverman, Parenthood (NBC) || Renee Clemons, Gracepoint (FOX) || Zoey Dalton, Nashville (ABC) || Gabriela Dawson, Chicago Fire (NBC) || Stephanie Edwards, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Victoria Gates, Castle (ABC) || Daisy Grant, Madam Secretary (CBS) || Dena Jackson, Red Band Society (FOX) || Rainbow Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Abbie Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Jenny Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Fish Mooney, Gotham (FOX) || Lanie Parish, Castle (ABC) || Margaret Pierce, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Olivia Pope, Scandal (ABC) || Michaela Pratt, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Joanna Reece, Forever (ABC) || Camille Saroyan, Bones (FOX) || Stephie, A to Z (NBC) || Tamra, The Mindy Project (FOX) || Loretta Wade, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Iris West, The Flash (CW) || Charmonique Whitaker, Selfie (ABC)

    Cool beans. Not all are “lead” roles and not nearly enough roles, but good that some appear and many of them are well-written roles.  

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    Nigerian Woman during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Lagos, 1956


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    Míriam Colón in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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    Co-lab collection by Lykke Li

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  15. @NICKIMINAJ: Yea. I had ya man buyin me mad snacks. Wuts good?

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