1. Basically me.

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    On My Mind: Genie Locs!

    Protective Styling is my great hair agenda for 2014, and I’m going to have a lot of fun with this,…

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    Imon thinks I shouldn’t get loc extensions she is wronggggg


  4. Where is Darren Wilson?

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    Grace Bol - Alexis Bittar

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    bsays to the friend group….

    Lmfao no lies detected tho!

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    I like this one better.


    i have no chiil. none.



  8. Pro Tip

    When you find yourself in your head about what someone else has in comparison to you, hit pause and examine your own shit for like 30 minutes, minimum.

    I guarantee that 1- you’ll be kindly reminded that feelings change much more quickly than you assume they will, 2- you’ll find that your perceived lack is imagined and 3- you’ll be a lot closer to figuring out whatever’s got your goat than you would have been if you’d spent 30 minutes worried about what somebody else got.


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    "you’re old enough to pay for your own things"



    (Watch me hit up my parents for that duvet cover they “promised” 9 weeks ago with no shame)

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    Watch Sean Brock’s mom show him how Chicken N Dumplings are really done! Food Republic has the exclusive video here!

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    B A E

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    "We had ribeye steaks for our crew dinner on the last night in La Isla. Ed stepped in and took the reins at the fire." - Ethan M., Director of Photography

    Perks of being in the #MindofaChef crew.

    This is goals

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    What does Sean Brock have up his sleeve?

    See what he’s been up to in this James Beard Foundation INTERVIEW


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    Collard greens and Kimchi: Chef Edward Lee's homage to Kentucky and Korea. 


    aglitteryreign hi
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    Chef Edward Lee and Ivan Orkin go into the kitchen and make Edward’s version of a BLT: Rather than using bacon strips, Edward makes it into a schmear, so you get an equal portion of bacon in every bite along the way!

    Yaaaaaassss go off, Ed!!!!!!!!!! Let them know about you!

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    Huey (Agnes Varda, 1968)

    Watch in full here.

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