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     Pauline Black and Jerry Dammers

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    Pauline Black by Lynn Goldsmith

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    [Color photo of Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie, Chrissie Hynde, Poly Styrene, and Pauline Black]

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  5. Like wtf how am I even living

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    Who is Mary J Blige’s choreographer



  7. Health and hygiene before modern times

    1. EUROPE: Why the fuck are we always getting sick? Is it demons? Is it ghosts? Is it a curse?
    2. EVERYBODY ELSE: Have you tried washing your ass?
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    LFW SS 2015 R-T-W: Grace Bol for Julien MacDonald SS 2015 RTW.

    id cop


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    walk up in the club like

  11. Lol but where is the lie

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  12. This woman’s obvious beauty aside, I think this is essentially what people see when they look at me

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    i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her

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  14. Anonymous said: what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?


    I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised

    Lol facts.

    Now if we could just get a thigh song. One! Thigh! Song!

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    I honestly don’t know how anyone is this good looking

    Bond Girl #1


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